I greatly enjoy teaching and it is now a central part of my creative work. I teach private individuals and my own classes; give Talks, Workshops and Demonstrations to Art Societies and other groups; Talks and Practical Sessions for Corporate Groups.

Both of my regular classes work to the same content and structure They feature Observation Drawing, Life Drawing and Painting using a variety of media. Each term has a specific syllabus, often with themes to interpret. Overall, the students work towards developing their own ideas and creativity.
Tuesday ARTclass 10.00 - 12.30 Guildford (Compton Village Hall)

Wednesday ARTclass 10.00 - 12.30 Farnham Pottery

Usually 10.00 - 16.00 covering a specific topic. I will post details of my own Workshops here. The others are on topics specifically requested by Art Societies.

I offer one to one or small group tuition where a more intensive approach is desired. Either ongoing, or for short periods to address a particular interest, project or problem.

I give talks on many aspects of Art History and Creativity. Contact me for the full current list Here is a small selection:-
"Catching The Image" - Where do ideas come from? how can we develop them?
"Drip, Gamble and Splat" - How a wide range of artists have used Chance to help their Creativity.
"Out Of Darkness" - Rembrandt and Caravaggio
"Old Masters - New Medium" - Adapting the the old techniques to new needs
"Francis Bacon : Lucian Freud - the Human Presence"
"Every Picture Tells A Story" - Using favourite texts for inspiration.
Picasso - Success and Scandal" "The Impressionist Revolution" "Titian - God Of Painting"

I regularly demonstrate how to develop ideas and techniques to Art Societies.

As part of Team Bonding, Spouse Programmes or other Incentives, I have delivered Talks and practical sessions geared to the needs of the Company.

CONTACT : ronnieireland2@gmail.com 07836 763386